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dandelion greens and chickpea stew


There are aspects of my life that are difficult to verbalize and articulate, but these are the moments that shaped my true being and life experience far more than the enjoyable and visually attractive moments have. For just this I am very thankful.

I am grateful for all the things I never wanted to go through, but did. For all the “unfair” things that happened in life. For everything that didn’t go my way, I feel blessed.

You wonder why?  Because through these times I learned that what I want is very often not what I need, and  through such experiences I have grown the most.

I have seen and understood  the range of emotions and strength a human is capable of, from the lowest all the way to the highest. We humans are remarkably resilient! In one such experience I have seen the weight of loving someone in replete amounts, so I know my heart is capable of such strength, and for that I am most certainly thankful .

I have watched people walk in and out of my life like the wind. This made me see the importance of making the most of what is staring right at my face while there still is a chance. Nothing is for sure and life moves in different and uncertain patterns. There is never a straight road – it never will be .

When people tell me “your heart must be  broken to pieces”, I say priceless pieces of a puzzle; that puzzle makes up the person I will continue to become.

To conclude, I am thankful that I get to watch my family and friends as they walk their respective journey side by side. For each of you I give respect, love and lots of good thoughts.


chickpea crepe

Good morning all you beautiful people !!

What an abyss between having an impression and having to express! I guess our sardonic  fate—to have feelings on part with William Wordsworth, and yet to talk about them like desperate  salesmen or  arrogant teenagers. I think we are practicing alchemy backwards; touch gold and it turns into stone; touch pure songs of experience, and they turn into the verbal synonym of poppycock  and hogwash.

How about some Breakfast now !

Chickpea batter crepe, seasoned with spices and stuffed with sprout salad. Topped with a dip of roasted bell pepper, yogurt and tahini.