vegetarian platter !

A simple and nutritious vegetarian meal cooked in minimal oil.starting from the right this meal consist of steamed savory lentil cakes, okra stir fry, stir fried gerkin’s, sweet and spicy lentil soup, tangy yogurt soup tempered with mild spices,green beans with dumplings, one smallish whole wheat flat bread and centered with a perfect portion of rice . Bliss !!!FullSizeRender

7 thoughts on “vegetarian platter !”

    1. Hello Helen , yes i can inbox you the recipes you like šŸ™‚ do you want recipes of all the dishes on the platter or just a few?:)

      1. All of them please, i will definitely be giving this a go! Btw is it a platter for one or more? Xx

      2. of course i will send them all šŸ™‚ … the recipes are for more people but you can tweak the ingredients . the platter in the picture my husband gobbled himself !!! but if you notice i haven’t filled up the bowls to the brim, just small amounts to savor it all .

  1. Helen may i request an email id where i can send the recipes … its bit too much to inbox here . :),

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