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my morning’s

Ring…ring Ring…ring

I am woken from my delicious slumber by the annoying ring and buzz of my iPhone…

Ring…ring Ring…ring


Finally I give in and roll over to grab the phone. Its mom…

“You want my advice?”

I give a pause… Trust me, it’s no more than a formality when she says that. It doesn’t matter if I have clearly said “yes” or “no”, I am going to get it anyway. This is that moment — you know, the one where I want to say mom I am busy let’s talk later and quickly get back to whatever it was I was happily idling the time away with, such as that wonderful dream I was having when… OK, focus…

After the pause, I take a deep breath (a daughter trait), and I let her indulge in talks and advice, seriously wondering and wanting her to say “I got to go!” — she is clearly not ready to go.

I want to complain that she woke me up. I want to tell her I am busy. I want to tell her that she is the strangest and the craziest person I know, and that at times she has the most hair-brained ideas! Mom, stop it!

Instead, I take a deep breath, and smile quietly to myself, rolling to the other side of the bed to settle in for a heated conversation.

Honestly (and just between you and me), I love it all… her not so very subtle advice, quizzing for information on my daily routine, fussing over my hair and skin thousands of miles away, and of course our brainless arguments on the stupid and endless issues.

How does she do it?! She knows how to rummage in through my mind and put things straight for me. (I guess that is a mother trait).

In all the madness of this masterpiece of mother-daughter relationship one thing is clear – I love her and I secretly can’t wait for tomorrow mornings wake up phone call!

Anyway Tonight’s Dinner is Served !


Grilled salmon, marinated in Caribbean spices on a bed of rice and beans, cooked in broth and coconut milk. Side of black cherry and avocado salad.