Coconut and tomato soup

Some recipes can take you to so many nostalgic moments and make you feel ahhh i wish i could have relived that feeling again just as it was , but most times we can just try to relive them by recreating them in our own way. I have many such nostalgic moments about food made by both my grandmas’ who were exceptional cooks, my dad, my mom and my sister are great cooks too. It sort of is an inheritance and each one added their own style to it. I feel blessed that I have so many memories to share with all of their recipes. Today I want to share one such recipe — Coconut and Tomato soup. There is not much to this recipe, very simple to make with simple ingredients but packed with so much flavor. For me this soup brings up memories of sitting with my Dadima (maternal grandma) on the table and enjoying this kadhi/soup with a plate of steamed rice and seasonal veggies for a hot summer afternoon lunch. Before we get cooking let me just thank my Dadima in heaven for showing me how to add such extraordinary flavors in for such simple recipes.


2 Cups -Fresh coconut milk extracted from frozen or fresh coconut /Or Canned .

2 medium sized- ripe tomato finely chopped (my preference Roma tomato)

1 tsp – cumin seeds

1 – green chilli slit lengthwise (add more if u like it hot )

5-6 – curry leaves fresh or dry

1 to 2 tbs- rice flour

1- tbs cooking oil

salt to taste .

In a mixing bowl add your coconut milk and rice flour and whisk it well blended and no lumps are seen , set this aside .

Heat oil in a pot on medium flame once the oil is hot add cumin seeds and cook for a few seconds , add curry leaves , green chillies and the tomatoes , cook it for about 30 seconds and add the coconut milk bring it to a slow simmer for 7 to 8 minutes once it is slightly thickened but yet soupy turn of the flame and season with salt as per your taste , serve just soup or the way my Dadima did with some rice , enjoy !.

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