Malai Kabab

Kabab or Kebab are moist pieces of meat seasoned and usually grilled over a charcoal grill. Back home in India on hot summer weekend my papa would take us out for dinner to a kabab corner restaurant where we would order a variety of fun kababs, enjoying it with a red onion salad and paper thin flat breads called roomali rotis, with sides of spicy chutneys.

One of my favorites was creamed kabab that we kids would love because it was mild in flavor and spice. Here I have tried to recreate some of those flavors but with twist.

With a juicy and nice mild flavor these melt in your mouth creamed Kababs with a side of grilled Shishito peppers are perfect for a light evening meal or even at any party.

For the unique side, a friend introduced me to grilled Shishito peppers when she served them as an appetizer at a party. Easy to make and absolutely yummy!

Creamed Kababs 

2 pound of boneless skinless chicken cut into bite sized pieces 

2 tsp garlic grated

2 tsp ginger grated                            

1/2 cup yogurt

2 tablespoons cream 

1/2 tsp white pepper powder or black pepper .

Juice of a lemon 

1/4th tsp of cardamom powder

1/2 teaspoon of Garam masala (found in most grocery stores) 

few pinches pinch of saffron (optional) 

Salt to taste 

Oil for basting 

2 wooden skewers soaked in cold water

In a mixing bowl mix add grated ginger, garlic, yogurt, cream, lemon, garam masala, ground cardamom , saffron (if using ) and salt to taste. 

Marinate the chicken pieces for at least an hour or more if you have the time. Once the chicken is marinated skewer the chicken meat on to the skewers and cook on a grill pan or an outdoor grill over a medium flame.

While grilling baste the skewers with oil or butter every 4 to 5 mins and cook until done. Everyones grill is different and size of pieces matter too, but for reference it took me 10 -12 mins to grill each skewer.

Shishito peppers – wash and slit them, sprinkle with some black salt or Himalayan pink salt and grill until you start seeing black specks. 

Serve hot with flat bread or just as and enjoy !

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