the journey


For all the hardships and the tears, walking through gloomy days I do give thanks for now I realize these were the things that helped me grow into the person I am today .


The hard times that I went through were the building blocks in constructing my core, my soul — and it is stronger now . I have to just promise myself each day that I am smarter than I think , that I am braver than I believe, and stronger than I seem . I Can Do This!

photo 2

One thought on “the journey”

  1. all the best natasha…the road is new,paved and strong( for you to be steady) and those trees are huge and evergreen(they will never shed with elements) and the light at the end of the road will always be there for u to grab …yes you can do this!!!….we all love you,your core and your soul…and yes ur food tooo..enrich it with new adventures,experiences and life lessons…bring your soul to the food

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